Monitoring vs role modeling

Lab 42 recently published the infographic “Parental Discretion – To Friend or Not To Friend?”

According Mashable’s article “Most Parents Monitor Kids on Facebook” 500 families were interviewed and they found 92% of parents are Facebook friends are with their children.  The age of the parents & children were not disclosed.

The most intriguing part of this data was the contradiction between the following two sections:

1) Reasons parents look at their kid’s Facebook profile:
- 40% Safety
- 15% Curiosity
- 41% Both
- 4% Other

2) Parent’s concerns with their child’s Facebook use:
- 45% say they aren’t spending enough time with friends are family

I think the hypocrisy that parents are curious enough to watch their children online but feel their children aren’t spending enough time with family is amusing (almost like having a website preaching to “unplugging” – I know)There are endless articles surrounding the importance of parents being role models for children.

Like most issues, getting a child to to do anything starts with the parents’ involvement.  It takes more than just monitoring their child’s social media presence.  It takes role modeling like not checking email on your crackberry while talking with your child.  Instead take the time to put your computer/mobile device away while eating a meal with the family.

I’m not saying parents shouldn’t be online or know what their children are posting.  I’m saying “if you do this, also let your child know that you would rather hear about their day than finding out from a status or tweet.”

by Dan Weir: Jan 23, 2012

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